Domain Names

A domain name is part of your identity on the internet. It’s not only the address of your website, and part of your email address. It can also be a “brand” in marketing terms: a well chosen domain name can say a lot about you.

We will help you choose a suitable domain name. The first choice is what ending to use: whether to register in or .com or elsewhere.

For Australian businesses, the obvious choice is When you see a domain name, you can be sure the organisation is a company in Australia, because there are rules restricting who can register these. So to let people know you’re in Australia, this would be a good choice. More information about .au domains at

If the rules get in your way, or the domain you wanted is taken, there are other choices. A domain ending in .com doesn’t say much about you, but it is available to anyone, first come, first served. Other domain endings are available, with new ones becoming available. It’s worth looking around because there may be something that’s a great choice for you.

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