Junkmail filtering starts for addresses @riverland.net.au

On 1st August, we turned on (much better) junkmail filtering for all the email addresses @riverland.net.au. What we had before was not doing much. So we’re watching it to see how well it does. If your inbox is empty, except for good emails, we’re halfway there.

Only half, you say? Naturally, we want the junk filter to stop the junk. The other half is that we want it to not block the good messages. Sure it’s hard to know what you didn’t receive: but if you do notice anything missing, if it’s something you want, get in contact and let me know about it. The new junkfilter has a whitelist for this purpose.

At the moment there’s no charge for the better filtering. However, the junk filtering service isn’t free, so soon we’ll have to charge something for keeping a riverland address. You’ll have plenty of warning: watch this space.