Website Hosting

Web hosting is the service that links your chosen domain name to your webpages. It includes letting the domain name system know where the webserver is, and providing the webserver itself, which stores the webpages and delivers them when requested. End result: visitor types in and the website arrives in front of them.

Our web-hosting packages also include email hosting, which allows you to have email addresses in your chosen domain name. More about email hosting here.

You don’t have to worry about how it works: that’s what we do. We’ll work with you, from choosing a domain name to deciding what email addresses to use.

Note: RWE is not a website designer. We provide some of the tools that a web-designer uses. We work with local web designers such as That’s Graphic. Unless you have time to learn how, and some flair for graphics, it’s probably best to let a specialist build pages for you.

Our approach is different to most hosting companies. Instead of a self-service control panel that you have to figure out for yourself, we will take the time to explain things and make it work for you.

If you’re starting out to get a website, there are three general areas to consider: getting a domain name, sorting out hosting, and of course getting the webpages made. We can help with the first two, and we can recommend several local web designers for the third.

Here are our hosting and domain fees.

If you’re ready to start, click here to open a new hosting account with us.