Email Hosting

“Email hosting” means providing the various servers to make email addresses work. RW&E can provide email addresses using your choice of domain name, or one of our domain names.

For instance, we can provide email addresses ending in, as used by customers of Riverland Internet. More info about addresses here.

Businesses use email addresses in their own domain names as part of their corporate identity: for example, Clubs and other organisations can use email addresses to identify roles: for example, Using your own domain name for email addresses has several benefits:

  • It’s a professional “look”. It identifies your organisation, and lets people know that you’ve spent the time to do things properly.
  • When people see that you have your own domain name, they will automatically know your website address. (If your company email address is, then you probably have a website at Younger readers knew this.)
  • The domain name is controlled by your organisation, for as long as you want to pay for it. So you won’t lose these addresses because of a change of policy, or a change of internet provider.
  • Free email addresses always seem to have a catch. It’s not just the ads they show while you use them. Most of the free email providers give no guarantee of privacy or reliability. Several make it clear in their terms that they can read your mail and use it for any purpose they choose.

Give us a call if you’d like to discuss this.