Riverland email addresses

Some people and some businesses need to keep their NAME@riverland.net.au email address working after the closure of Riverland Internet. RWE can help with this. Two levels of service are available:

  • Email Forwarding. When the customer has another email address, we simply forward the mail to it. The cost is $50 per year.
  • Complete mailbox service. With this, the customer doesn’t need another mailbox. Their mail is stored on our server until they can pick it up with a POP3 client. These customers can also use our webmail to check their mail. This costs $88 per year.
  • If the customer already has email hosting or web hosting with us, an @riverland.net.au address can be included as one of the email addresses in the hosting package.

To enquire about a NAME@riverland.net.au email address, use this form: