Domain registration and hosting fees

The cost of registering a domain depends on its “ending” or “TLD” – whether it’s a, or a .com or something else. is $60.00 for 2 years is $40.00 for 2 years

Other domain “endings”are available – best to ask. For a business, in Australia, is usually the best choice. We’re happy to consult with you on this. There are a few pitfalls in choosing domain names. Contact us for a talk.

We have two levels of web-hosting, as well as the email-only choice:

Standard Email Hosting is $50.00 per year and includes:

  • Domain name hosting on our DNS servers
  • Our mailserver will receive mail for your domain (also called “MX hosting”). As a backup, we also provide a secondary mailserver at another site.
  • One POP3 Mailbox, with use of our webmail service.
  • 10 Email addresses within the domain. This can include redirection to other addresses or extra mailboxes. We can set up a ‘default’ or ‘catch-all’ address to match any address that’s not specifically configured. Our system is flexible: we can make it do what you want.

Standard Hosting Package: $100 per year. This is sufficient for many small companies’ websites. It includes:

  • Domain Email Package, as above
  • Virtual Webserver with 50 MB storage.
  • Access to existing scripts (formmail, counter), SSI, PHP.
  • Monthly log reports, access to raw webserver logs if required
  • FTP access from anywhere.

“Host 2” Hosting Package: $150 per year. This includes a database, and allows the site to include more active features, such as shopping carts, content management systems, blogs, etc. It includes:

  • Standard Hosting Package and Domain Email package, as above.
  • Virtual webserver with 100 MB storage
  • Access to existing CGIs (formmail, counter), SSI, PHP.
  • Your own cgi-bin directory.
  • Your own MySQL database.
  • The ability to place pages on our secure webserver, sharing the use of our SSL server certificate.


  • More disk storage: $10 per year for each 50 MB block added.
  • More email addresses, POP mailboxes etc: Price on Application
  • Another MySQL database on a host2 plan: $20 per year
  • Custom CGI setup – Guestbook, shopping cart etc: $60 per hour required for setup
  • Your own SSL certificate. This includes everything in the host2 package, plus your secure server will have your domain name, not ours. $200/year plus certificate – supply your own, or we can provide a basic one for $20/year.

Any questions, you’re welcome to contact us.

If you’re ready to start, you can open a hosting account now!