Email addresses in your domain

Many organisations get their own domain name when they build a website. It also makes sense to use your own domain for the group’s email addresses.

For instance, if your domain is, you could have addresses of or You choose the part before the @ (the “local part” of the address).

Riv W&E can set this up for you. You would register the domain name of your choice, and take an email hosting service. Then you decide what email addresses you want to use in your domain, and set them up on the hosting mailserver and your PCs, phones, etc.

Why not use an email address from my internet provider?

First, those addresses promote someone else’s domain name. If your company or organisation has a website, letting people see your domain name in your email address will steer them towards the website.

Second, those addresses don’t belong to you. Someone else may have chosen the address you wanted. You may change internet provider, or the company owning the domain may close.

Why not use a free email address provider?

As they say, there’s no free lunch. The “free” email providers aren’t public benefactors: they are corporations and you can be sure they’re getting some benefit from people using their email. Many are funded by showing you advertising while you use their service, or even including ads in your messages. Some reserve the right to read your mail (did you read their “privacy” agreement?) Some of the free services are well known for “getting hacked” or being “down”.

These services have their uses, but they often aren’t appropriate for business use. They don’t promote what YOU are doing, and with a free service there is usually no support or guarantee of reliability.

With your own domain name, you’ll have a lot of choices about how your addresses work. Give us a call, and we can make it work for you.