Why your email password is important

Now and then, someone says to me “I don’t need a good password, it doesn’t matter if someone reads my email, it’s not that important”.

But reading your email isn’t the only thing a badperson could do with your password. For instance, does Facebook or your bank send out new passwords to your email? Then if the badperson can read your email, they can take over those accounts. Would you want them logging into your online banking?

In this article, Leo points out all the things you would have to do if someone did get your email password. It’s quite a lot.


Not all these things apply to the Riv Web&Email service, but it’s a good reminder of why you need to protect your email password. It’s a good idea to change passwords every now and then – you can change Riv Web&Email passwords here – or whenever you think someone may have seen it.