Mailserver outage tonight

Our mailserver was offline for about half an hour this evening: Tue 12 Sept 2017, between 9 and 9:30 pm. This would have prevented people sending and receiving mail. Sorry about the inconvenience. One of the server’s hard drives was failing and it was best to replace it ASAP. It’s […] Read more »

Phone problems

Our office phone number, 08 75 077044, has been giving problems for the last few weeks. It wouldn’t answer properly unless I was in the office to take the call. The supplier has fixed it now. So if you were having problem calling, please try again! Now it will take […] Read more »

Email delays on 27 March

Between 9pm Friday night and 8am Saturday morning, our main mailserver didn’t accept incoming mail. The backup server did accept mail and queued it up until the problem was fixed, when it all arrived in a rush. We should not have lost any email. Still, our apologies for the delay. […] Read more »

Mailserver moved

Over the break I moved the Riverland mailserver to a new datacentre. Hopefully nobody noticed any down-time or change: that’s how server moves should be 🙂 Looks like we’ll get more reliability there – the problem in August would not have happened at the new place. The new place also […] Read more »