Mailserver troubles

Our mailserver was off the air on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 August. It was working again at 4pm Tuesday for almost everyone, with the last few users back in action at midday Wednesday. Monitoring shows that it’s been good since then. Still, if you’re still having trouble with it, […] Read more »

Domain renewal scams

Scamwatch has an article about domain renewal scams. We hear about a lot of those. These can appear as a nicely-printed form in your snail-mail: they look plausible enough that some people pay them without checking, thinking they are routine renewals. It will be an actual company that takes the […] Read more »

Attack of the fax machines

Yesterday’s virus emails had subjects: “INCOMING FAX REPORT” and “Scanned image from a Xerox Work Centre”. As usual, they’re attempts to get people to click on the attached file. Hope nobody did. Read more »

Fake airline itineraries

“SCAMwatch is warning travellers to watch out for scam emails with fake flight itineraries attached – these attachments may harbour malicious software.” In general, be suspicious of any email that you didn’t expect to receive. For instance, if you weren’t planning any travel, receiving something like this is suspicious. More […] Read more »

Email scam

If you received an email titled “Dear Valued Email User“, please ignore it, it’s not from us. Just another attempt to get your password. We will never ask for your password. You’re welcome to phone us, or your IT people, if you’re ever uncertain about these emails. Some of them […] Read more »